Putting employees and sustainability at the heart of your organisational performance

Simple process
Speedy turnaround
High impact

What is considered ethical and responsible is a human concept. So who better than your people to actively measure and communicate these activities?



Adapt to your business

Step 01

1 week

100% relevant – customisable tool co-developed with you


Applicable for any situation – technology that works across all devices and situations 


You stay in control – You control how the process is controlled and communicated


Analyse data

Step 02

2-4 weeks

Put your feet up –
No need for you to fill in pages of information or questionnaires. We do everything


Nerdy analytics – Comparison of all demographics to build a model that quantifies the strength, randomness, and
correlation of findings


Reliable & engaging – 
Every employee gets an equal and anonymised voice


Report and summary

Step 03

1 week

Confidential recommendations –
Simple, clear and validated recommendations


Employee communication –
targeted employee campaigns to share with and engage


 Communicate success 
Differentiate your organisation to prospective employees


Successful sustainability initiatives don’t happen to employees. They happen because of them.


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