Combining your employees' unique insights with our analytics

Tailored assurance
Trackable data
Future focussed

Understand the performance and materiality of each environmental, social, governance and employee issue

Performance against peers
Measure how you compare to others 


Measure intangibles
Quantify the impact and awareness of values and mission



Review polices & initiatives
Understand awareness & impact


Part 2 – Specific Packages

Measure what really matters to you, such as: 

Mental wellbeing
via our partnership with NHS clinical phycologists



Customer Insights

Understand how important your values and commitments are to your customers

Sustainable Development Goals
What to focus on and how to embed them



Supply chain,

Volunteering & Innovation

Part 3 – Measure your people

How to better engage and influence behaviour change:

Measure value orientations
Are they engaged and will they help or hinder your initiatives


Nudge Behaviour
Promote the importance of more accountability at a personal level 


Measure demographics
How do different groups and sets of people feel? How can you engage everyone? 



Maximise communication
Maximise what and how employees communicate your brand 


Two way communication

Present simple and engaging results back to employees. Outlining key findings and intentions. Show them you are listening and getting better together



Making it fun

Incentivising engagement with quirky giveaways and animal adoptions

Part 1 – Measure the organisation

Are you walking the talk:

Part 4 – The nerdy bit

For those struggling to sleep and who want to know more about the findings:

Quantify Impact
Equation modelling to quantify the impact/value of sustainability


Statistical significance

Be 95% confident in the correlational and certainty of key findings


Test over 7 types of subjective biases to understand why and what effect they might have



Understand the academic theory behind employees, sustainability and impact 


Part 5 – The follow up

Engaging and communicating with employees:

Our lite package

For Start-ups and individual departments within larger organisations

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