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Our journey

Our mission is simple – to enable greater activism and accountability for both employers and their employees in sustainability. Our journey, however, is more long-winded and, as always, it started with frustration!

Having operated in sustainability and corporate responsibility, we were frustrated over the lack of organisation wide engagement and participation in sustainability. It seemed obvious to us that real positive change could not be achieved by one team or one policy alone. Everyone needed to share the journey together.

We were able to explore this through research at the University of Cambridge and understand


Do employees actually care about sustainability?


Do they feel able to objectively judge their organisation against the standards and initiatives they set?


Would they like to be more involved?

After a number of sleepless nights, crying through journals and confusion in statistics lessons we got our answer. A resounding yes!

We had built a tool to engage employees and collect reliable and comprehensive data. Obliquity was born.

Our partners

Our Passion – why employees

Because they care
88% of employees tell us they want to be more involved in sustainability. Regardless of age or gender it matters
to them.


Because they
are overlooked

One global study of 21,000 employees found that only 13% where able to get involved in sustainability. We think this is a missed opportunity.


Because they
are trusted

Trust and credibility is the currency of sustainability, and employees are 74% more trusted than traditional sustainability communication.


Because they
know more

They know every facet and nook and cranny of a business. No one is better placed to provide reliable and comprehensive feedback.


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